I’ve always made marks instead of taking notes at meetings.about-anji-page
I wanted to go to art school but had to earn a living.
At last I went to Bristol to do fine art and printing and found people who I could speak to without having to start at point A. I could jump straight in at point E and they knew and understood what the hell I meant.
At last I knew I wasn’t mad, just an artist.

The work I’ve been doing over the last year or so is about all the cues and messages we send out to each other knowingly and unknowingly … so when a group of five people are in a café they bring with them not just five bodies.. but five people histories, from the morning when they had a row with their partners, to hiding the fact that they don’t want to be in the café,…. to feeling uncomfortable in their bra. So many webs and layers memories, masks, emotions. All in one moment in one café.

So the work is over packed and you have to work at seeing the different cues people are giving off. It is often intense and morphs into unsettled bits of colour.

I need to work with anything that makes a mark to work through life experiences.

The ideas, the emotions …
Marks are part of my life.

I hope you enjoy the site. Email me with commissions, ideas or comments.

Anji x

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